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Comment Policy

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Pixelhackers is based in Germany and operates online and offline worldwide. These legal pages are provided in English as a courtesy to our clients, visitors, readers, and partners. In the case of conflicting clauses, the German version takes precedence over any translations.

Our Comment Policy

At Pixelhackers, we love and encourage comments from you, our users, clients, and readers! We love to get feedback from you and hear your thoughts about our content. We do have some rules and guidelines in place, however, so that all discussions and comments are kept respectful at all times.

Note that all comments are subject to the following disclaimers and policies of this website: Disclaimer Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Community Guidelines

Any comments that are disrespectful or offensive will be deleted. We do not allow comments that don’t contribute to the conversation, contain affiliate links, or are intended for back-link purposes. Such comments will be deleted and the author may be blocked from future commenting. For self-promotional comments please refer to the corresponding section below.

Please use your REAL first name and email address when commenting on our sites, as well as social media platforms. If you are deliberately using your business name and/or business email without prior consent from Pixelhackers, your comments will be removed.

Please do not link your business name or blog anywhere in the comment section unless it directly relates to the comment or conversation taking place. Many comments with links are added to the spam folder by default for unsanctioned self-promotion.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, all comments on our sites and services are publicly available with the exception of the private member area. By posting a comment on this website or in any associated web forums, social media, or community groups, you are giving Pixelhackers the license to use that comment for any purpose and in any way we see fit.

This license is granted royalty-free and without obligations on the part of Pixelhackers in any way, may they be monetary or else. Please, do NOT comment if you do not agree to this clause!

Read the conversation before commenting!

Before asking a question or replying, please read over all prior comments in the conversation to see if your question has already been answered. This helps avoid repeating similar questions over and over again and keeps the comments list clean.

Self-promotion and advertisements

Self-promotional comments or those advertising professional services are only valid after explicit written consent by the website owner. Any comments which go against this policy will be deleted immediately. Self-promotional content includes, but is not limited to:

  • References and links to other websites and businesses
  • Offering professional services of any sort
  • Promotion of other training agencies besides those endorsed by Pixelhackers
  • Offering paid or otherwise rewarded activities

Check our business partner inquiries page to get approved as one of our business partners!

What we expect from comments and users

  • Respect: Be respectful to each other and to us.
  • Integrity: We value integrity and moral standards.
  • Privacy: Do not invade the privacy of others and do not share their sensitive information
  • Honesty: Do not lie or spread false rumors. No “Fake News” please.
  • Knowledge: If you answer somebody’s question, make sure you know what you’re talking about.
  • Spam: We do not accept spam in any way or shape.
  • Liability: We are not responsible for the comments of others and take no liability for them.
  • Plagiarism: Do not infringe copyrights or plagiarise.
  • Gravatar: Consider using a picture of yourself so that our community becomes more personal.
  • Legal: We take the liberty to report abuse, criminal and other suspicious activities, as well as threats to the authorities.
  • Patience: We approve comments before they are posted. Please be patient with us. 🙂